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Da’s Famous, Flame-O Chili (Five Alarm)

In General Articles on October 26, 2016 at 2:41 PM

With day-time temperatures in the 50s and night-time temperatures of 40 or lower, Fall is here to stay. And that means its the perfect time for a bowl of stomach-warming, soul-comforting chili. This is a favorite in our house and today we just whipped up a big batch of this comfort food. You should too!

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Da’s Famous, Flame-O Chili (Five Alarm)Da’s Famous, Flame-O Chili (Five Alarm)

(Preparation Time – Active 1 hour; Total – 3 hours – Makes about 6 quarts)

I’ve been perfecting this chili over the past 45 or so years, in an attempt to replicate the one served at the long-defunct Alamo Chili House on West 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan. Several friends and I used to visit the “Alamo” for the perfect hangover remedy, back in the days of youthful imbibing. A bowl of their famous chili and a bottle or three of Dos Equis, and we were ready to go back to work and get through the afternoon, relatively unscathed by the vestiges of our hangovers.

This is a seriously hot chili. The meat to bean ration is about 3:1, so adding more beans and reducing the number of jalapeños and/or dried spices, may make it more palatable to those who can’t take the…

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