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Everybody has a story. It is how these stories are conveyed that determines the ability of the storyteller to attract the attention of the listeners. The same may be said of food. Everybody is capable of preparing a meal, but it is how the food is prepared and presented that attracts those for whom it is prepared and whether or not it will be memorable.

Certain foods frequently take us back through time to our childhood, or to particularly memorable moments in our lives. Many of those memories are associated with gatherings of family and friends and the anticipation and excitement of being together, eating delicious food, hearing new and often repeated stories, as well as the jokes and laughter that accompanied each anecdote.

What we have attempted to do with is to entertain and share with you some of our memories while giving you some cooking ideas to introduce to your family and friends. Hopefully you will find them easy to implement and they will become part of your memories as well. We’ve  recently added a new Category, For Moms on the Go. Of course Dads on the go are welcome as well!
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  1. Tantissimi auguri di buone feste, Richard. Enjoy the rest of the season! 🙂

  2. Found you thank to the Unorthodox Epicure. You have great taste in blogs! Glad to be here, now off to explore what you have to say. Happy 4th!

  3. Thanks and the same to you. I hope you enjoy what you find.

  4. Good thoughts. We, too, love the idea that embedded in meals is a narrative. One of the things we enjoy about harvesting as much of our own food as we can is that meal evoke memories of good times and friends and special days and live oceans.

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