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Chronological Index of Articles by Chef Scar

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          1. How to Cook Like an Italian Grandmother
          2. Everybody Has a Story
          3. Pasta Memories
          4. Another of Big Mike’s Favorites
          5. Eat It! It’s Good for You!
          6. Pasta Fagioli, or Pasta Fazool?
          7. I Found This Dish in San Francisco, High on Russian Hill it Called to Me
          8. Our Italian Thanksgiving
          9. Basta Pasta!
          10. Steak! It’s What’s for Dinner!
          11. Chicken Scarpiello; Everybody Makes it Differently!
          12. Midnight (and Calvados) in Paris
          13. Fish is not Just for Fridays, Anymore
          14. Memories of Grandpa and Summers at The Shore
          15. Brother Devil
          16. For Moms on the Go
          17. Catching Wild Salmon in Alaska and Cooking Wild Salmon at Home
          18. ‘The Other White Meat’
          19. A Nutritionally Balanced and Delicious Mediterranean Meal
          20. Uncle Fred, The Godfather
          21. Time to Get Back to Cooking and Posting
          22. The Last of the Basil
          23. Grandma Loved Ceci Beans
          24. Eat Your Brussel Sprouts! Mother Commanded
          25. A Hearty Beef Stew for Those Chilly Autumn and Winter Nights
          26. Sunday Chicken Dinner- No Leftovers!
          27. Meatloaf for Dinner! Again?
          28. Requiem for a Pig
          29. SOUP’S ON!
          30. A Pre-Thanksgiving Meal
          31. The Turkey that Keeps Giving
          32. The Gift of Christmas Ham that Kept on Giving
          33. Where Have All the Butchers Gone?
          34. Breaking Out of the Food-Induced Coma
          35. The Best Italian Restaurant
          36. Cooking in Naples…Florida that is!
          37. East Side, East Side, All Around the Town
          38. The Secret’s Out!
          39. Anndemma
          40. A Serendipitous Halibut Dinner
          41. The Maturing Palate
          42. Tommy T and Me
          43. Pork & Prunes – Yum or Yuck?
          44. A Visit to Lithuania
          45. On Tour With The Literate Chef-Bermuda, Part I
          46. On Tour With The Literate Chef-Bermuda, Part II
          47. On Tour With The Literate Chef-Bermuda, Part III
          48. Clam Shucking
          49. A Multitude of Fishes
          50. Memories of NOLA
          51. You Can Take it With You
          52. An Experiment in Stuffing a Roast
          53. ‘You can go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay in Bermuda.’
          54. Discoveries at The Shore
          55. My Cousin Vinny to the Rescue
          56. Where Have All the Germans Gone?
          57. What to Do With a Piece of Cod
          58. With Thanksgiving but a Week Away…
          59. At The Farmers Market
          60. This Little Piggy Came from the Market
          61. The Red, The White, The Green and The Yellow
          62. Vegging out & Vegging In
          63. Time to Draw a Line in the Breadcrumbs
          64. Attention, Garlic Lovers
          65. Luigi the Barber
          66. She proposed and I disposed
          67. Summer Serendipity
          68. Is it Autumn Yet?

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