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For Moms on the Go

In For Moms on the Go, General Articles on August 7, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Our niece, who loves Chef Scar’s blog, is the busy mother of a 7 and a 9 year-old, each of whom are involved in multiple after-school activities. As a harried stay-at-home mom with serial joiners for children, she made a recent request, ‘how about some quick and easy recipes for moms on the go?’

To help her and other busy moms (and dads) with some tasty and interesting, but easy and quick to prepare one dish meals, we are adding a new category…For Moms on the Go.

From time to time we will be adding new recipes to this section, so if there are any mom and dad subscribers out there who think they have an idea for a quick, tasty and nutritious dish, or meal, that they would like to share with others, please send it to us and we will be happy to add it to For Moms on the Go and give them credit.


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