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At the Farmers Market

In General Articles on June 22, 2013 at 1:24 PM

At the Falmouth Farmers Market this week, one vendor displayed some beautiful yellow tomatoes. That sight triggered a memory of a delightful and unusual Yellow Gazpacho Shooter that was presented a month or so ago, as an amuse-bouche at The Glass Onion, our favorite restaurant in town. Recalling that colorful concoction and its surprising taste and texture, I was compelled to attempt to replicate it and speedily seized the bunch of tomatoes. But, what next?

Fortunately, that evening at the restaurant, our palates were stimulated such that we inquired of the waitress what were the ingredients, other than the obvious yellow tomatoes. She willingly informed us of them but would not disclose the secret of the proportions, lest she have to have us killed. Happily, my wife had thought to jot them down in the handy Notes App of her iPhone 5. So off to the supermarket to buy sufficient quantities of the other ingredients with which to experiment.

The sighting at the Farmers Market was serendipitous, as it inspired me to get back to creating and posting. My seven month hiatus was not planned. Obviously during that period, I cooked, and I certainly ate, but for one reason or another, I just never found the time nor the desire to create and to write. Now that summer has finally arrived, after a dreary winter and a nearly absent spring, perhaps whatever malaise that affected me has ebbed.

In the meantime, since summer is the time to enjoy fresh vegetables and cold soups, I hope that you try this recipe for a flavorful and healthful Yellow Gazpacho.

Note: For our review of The Glass Onion, please click here.

  1. Great! And I am delighted that Betty is enjoying the new technologies after such ardent doubts to its usefulness.

  2. Untll I looked at the Glass Onion review, I thought you were talking about Falmouth in Cornwall, where I used to sometimes holiday. Any Cape Cod is a lot more exotic than Cornwall, and somewhere that I plan to go…one day. Any tomatoes of quality, let alone yellow, will be hard to find here, after all the rain we have had. Glad to hear that your summer has arrived.

    • I guess it all depends upon which side of the pond you stand. Growing up in New York City, I too thought Cape Cod to be exotic as I still do Cornwall (they share seagoing lore, misty shores and wreckers) but Cornwall also has Horatio Hornblower, the Admiral Benbow Inn and Daphne duMaurier’s House on the Strand. One day when you do come to Cape Cod be sure to let me know and we shall discuss cabbages and kings, and other things, over a Single Malt or a Vintage Port. Cheers!

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